Dear Valued Customer,

Vectone Mobile would like to sincerely apologise to any of its customers who may have experienced intermittent signal problems during the past couple of days. We have been upgrading our system to ensure a better service for the future. Therefore, we are really sorry for those customers who had difficulties using our network during this time.

All customers experiencing network problems are advised to re-configure their network settings. Even if you have already tried this, we recommend doing this one more time. Thereafter, if your problem remains unsolved, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help. They can be contacted via email at

If you require information about how to configure your network settings, please click on the following link and look under ‘I have lost the signal/network coverage, what shall I do?’
(If the link above does not work, please copy and paste into your browser address bar)

Best regards,
Vectone Mobile Team
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Customer Services: (020) 7179 0134 or 322 from your Vectone Mobile

How To Get Started

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the Vectone Mobile PAYG service. If you have a question that is not answered here, our Customer Services team are happy to help.

How can I get a Vectone Mobile SIM? How can I contact customer care? I have forgotten my PUK / PIN code. Can I keep my existing mobile number, if I choose to join Vectone? How many days will it take to transfer my existing mobile number to my new Vectone SIM? How do I get my PAC number? I lost my SIM card. Can I move my old number to a new SIM? I have forgotten my log in details for My Vectone – how can I get a reminder? What happens once I choose the bundle I want?

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