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A local landline gives your business more credibility and reassures your customers by making you seem local. A mobile is more convenient because you can use it wherever you happen to be. Which is why we have created the Landline on Mobile feature that combines the best of both worlds.

Your customers can phone you on a landline number that’s local to them in whichever city they live in, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and so on. And you receive their call on your Vectone mobile wherever you are – and at no additional cost to you.

How Landline on Mobile has helped businesses like yours.

“A landline contact on his business cards reassured Tony’s customers that his plumbing company is established and trustworthy.”

“Janet has more flexibility to run her shop how she likes, now she can answer her landline from anywhere.”

“Wojtek’s Polish suppliers can contact his export business on a local landline in Warsaw, even though he receives calls on his mobile in London”

  • Flexibility to pick up your landline calls on your mobile
  • Available to Pay As You Go customers
  • Give your business the credibility of having a local number
  • Peace of mind because you will never miss a call again
  • Have a local landline in the UK or any of almost 50 other countries
  • From just £6 a month
Landline on Mobile is good for families too

Landline on Mobile means your loved ones back home can keep in touch with you just as though you’d never left the country.

Instead of an international number they’ll call you on a local number. They’ll just pay the local landline rate for their country too. And the only cost for you is a small monthly subscription.

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  • Limited to one Landline On Mobile Number per Vectone mobile number.
  • The date after one calendar month from the activation date is referred to as the Anniversary Date.
  • Your Landline On Moblie Number will auto-renew every month on the Anniversary Date.
  • If you have insufficient credit in your main balance on the Anniversary Date, your Landline On Mobile Number will be re-activated as soon as sufficient credit is available.
  • The Anniversary Date will then be amended to one calendar month after the re-activation date.

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