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If you’re living in the UK but you’ve friends and family back home you’d like to keep in touch with, our All In One Pocket Saver is made for you.

Ramadan Mubarak

Vectone will donate 2.5%
of all your Top Ups
this Ramadan

2.5% of all your Top Ups will go to Muslim Aid this Ramadan
Just text RAMADAN to 345 and we’ll donate 2.5% of all your Top Ups to Muslim Aid throughout the month of Ramadan. Your money will go to help all in need, regardless of race, religion, nationality or political opinion. Ramadan Mubarak

International Smart Rates

International smart rates

Be smart and enjoy an even better international rate than our standard ones. Vectone already offer you low priced international calls and texts. But if you want to make them even lower just text SMART to 345 every calendar month.