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Smart Roaming

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If you want to make outgoing calls when you’re travelling abroad, Smart Roaming can save you even more than our regular low-cost Roaming charges.
What’s more it works in countries where you can’t make outgoing calls with Regular Roaming.

How to make Smart Roaming calls

Step 1:
Key in *103* followed by the country code (without 00) and the number you want to call.
Then key in the #-key and press call. EG: *103* 44 XXXXXXXX# for a UK number.

Step 2:
Please wait for the confirmation message.

Step 3:
Your phone will then ring after a few seconds. Simply answer the phone to connect your call.

How to set up Roaming on your phone.

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How to Setup Roaming Services when travelling abroad

Switch on your mobile phone.

Locate the menu "FAQ" and click on "Select roaming mode". Please note that the appearance of this menu may differ from handset to handset (e.g. the menu "FAQ" can be seen in the "SIM Toolkit", but some older handsets have "Vectone Service" in the main menu).

Once you have selected "Roaming", you have two further options: Automatic or Manual. We recommend you select Manual.

In "select location" select "Overseas" and exit the menu. You can now enjoy the Vectone roaming signal. The service will appear within 20-40 seconds. Once you have got the signal you can use the roaming services.

Note: If you want to use Vectone when you return to the UK (after you have used our roaming services abroad), you have to go through the above procedure and reselect “In the UK” from the menu “Select Location”. You will receive a signal within 20 – 40 seconds.

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