Regular Roaming
Smart Roaming

Make massive savings on your outgoing calls while travelling abroad (roaming) with our Smart Roaming feature. Smart Roaming costs less than Regular Roaming and works everywhere (even in countries where making outgoing calls on Regular Roaming is not available).

How do I use Smart Roaming?

To use Smart Roaming your Vectone mobile must be configured for roaming so that you are able to receive incoming calls. It’s easy to use Smart Roaming. All you need to do is send us a special message containing the phone number you wish to call. Once we receive your message, we will dial the number and connect your phone with it. Your phone will ring within a few seconds. Just pick up your phone to get connected for less.

Going Abroad?

Set up Roaming on your phone. Get Instructions or call Customer Service on 322 or 020 7179 0134.

Key in *103* followed by the country code (without 00) + number you want to call, followed by the #-key, and press call. For example: *103*44XXXXXXXX# for a UK number.

Please wait for the confirmation message.

Your phone will then ring in a few seconds. Simply answer the phone to connect your call.

Check our Rates for Smart Roaming outside the UK

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What is the difference between Regular roaming and Smart roaming?
Making and receiving calls and texts while travelling abroad like you do when in UK (your home country) is Regular roaming. Smart roaming is a new innovative feature from Vectone which you can use to make outgoing calls while travelling abroad by sending us a request through an special message (USSD Message). To see how smart roaming works please visit the Smart roaming section.

What are the advantages of using Smart roaming over Regular roaming?
Smart roaming has two main advantages

It is much cheaper to make outgoing calls using Smart roaming, compared to regular roaming. Compare the rates and decide for yourself

Smart roaming is available in all destinations. Even in the countries were you cannot make outgoing calls while on roaming.

Where can I use Smart roaming?
You can use Smart roaming almost anywhere in the world. All you need to make sure is that your mobile phone is properly configured for roaming and you are connected to a local mobile network.

Do I need to set up my phone every time I travel?
Yes. It’s better to make sure you have correct settings on your phone when you are travelling abroad.

Are the phone settings same for Regular roaming and Smart roaming?