The best apps for keeping New Year’s resolutions

How to keep your New Year’s resolution

Start the New Year off by making a resolution you can keep. But how can you stick to your resolution if you’re always forgetting or lack the will power? Easy, you just need the right app. Whether it’s a calling app, a food app or even just a to-do app, you can achieve your goals for 2018.

Best to-do apps

Setting a resolution or goal is difficult if you don’t remember it or never find the time. Sometimes a reminder is always best. If your goal becomes a habit, then it will be done. 

Below are the to-do apps that will make your goal a reality:


One of the best to-do apps available is Todoist. Using Google’s own design language, Material Design, it provides one of the easiest ways to keep track of your lists and goals at the tip of your fingers. Once downloaded, you can:

  • Separate your lists into projects
  • Use filters to see the lists you need
  • Pin the priorities 
  • Keep track of your progress using its easy-to-use design.

If you love it that much, you can also upgrade to premium for even more great features and the ability to integrate your lists to other devices.

Google Keep

This handy to-do app offers the kinds of features you expect from this type of app and the accessible interface that Google is famous for. You may already have it and not know about. If you don’t, you can download it to:

  • Create new lists
  • Edit existing lists 
  • Manage completed tasks and ones that are in progress
  • Pin priority tasks 
  • Add various forms of media to the lists.

To use Google’s own to-do app, simply download it now.

Out of Milk

If you’re bad at remembering, then you need to download this app. Don’t let its quirky title fool you, this app is for more than just grocery shopping and a quick smirk. This great app allows you to:

  • Keep track of all your tasks with To-Do list
  • Make multiple lists
  • Sync and share your lists with your family and friends
  • Send lists by text or email
  • Access your lists online from anywhere using its main website, www.outofmilk.com.

To ensure you don’t run out of drive and ambition, download the app now.


Prioritise your goals and resolutions when you use Toodledo. Ensure that your dreams are 2018’s best habits. Once downloaded you’ll be able to: 

  • Put high priorities into “Hotlist”, so you can complete them right away
  • View items by priority, due date, folder and more
  • Create outlines for projects with nested lists
  • Create basic and simple lists
  • Use the “Habits” section to start a list of things you’d like to do every day or on specific days
  • Monitor your progress.

Download the app now to make your goals become your habits.

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Best fitness apps

Arguably, the most popular resolution is always to lose weight/exercise more/go to the gym. We’ve all made one of those promises, and equally failed. Even after filling up on all the festive food, the drive isn’t always there to stay healthy and fit.

However, here are a few apps that can help you to keep your fitness resolution in 2018:


If you plan to lose weight or gain more toning, this could well be the app for you. It basically allows you to monitor and track how many calories you’ve eaten by scanning barcodes or by searching through their database of over 300 million foods. Get the app now, so you can:

  • Track and monitor calorie intake 
  • Import nutritious recipes to your phone
  • Learn how to make healthier choices with the foods you eat
  • Create your own recipes and save your proudest achievements
  • Set your own goals, from losing weight to gaining weight and maintaining weight
  • Design your own workouts and exercises
  • Log and track cardio workouts and set stepping goals
  • Add friends for more support and sharing successes.

Keep yourself fit this year by downloading the app now.

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Couch to 5K

Planning on getting off the couch more this year? Stick to your resolution by getting this handy app that will get you on your feet and running 5K in just nine weeks. When you have downloaded the app, you’ll be able to:

  • Run 5K in nine weeks
  • Choose a celebrity trainer who will tell you when to run and when to walk
  • Track your progress over the nine week programme
  • Give advice and other fitness tips to new runners.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get off the couch, download the app, grab your trainers and start running.

Nike Training Club

Keep to your fitness goals this year when you download Nike’s own fitness app. This app delivers some of the most famous sports personalities to your phone for extra support and professional guidance. You’ll be able to: 

  • Try out 160 free workouts
  • Enjoy beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Choose between low, moderate and high intensity workouts
  • Get motivated and trained by some of the world’s best athletes like Michael B. Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams.

Have your own personal trainer, right in your pocket, when you download the app.

Best language learning apps

If your new year’s resolution is to harness a new language, then you need all the motivation and easiest language apps you can get. Learning a new language requires a lot of drive and is just as tough as giving up smoking or alcohol.

Here are the best language apps that will make you a lingual pro:


This is the peak by which all other language apps are judged and it’s easy to see why. With language courses set up by native speakers, you can be assured that you’re learning the right grammar and syntax. When you’ve downloaded it, you can:

  • Learn over 25 languages, from Spanish to even Klingon
  • Take over 65 courses
  • Enjoy courses that are specifically designed by native users
  • Become part of a community with over 100 million users
  • Get addicted to learning a language.

Keep to your resolution by downloading the most popular, addictive and easy language app around.


This incredible app stands out among the other competitors to Duolingo. With its easy-to-use interface and application of images within lessons, you’ll picking up your another language in no time. Babbel allows you to:

  • Take 40 classes (free version) in over 13 languages
  • Enjoy speech recognition exercises
  • Progress easily from vocabulary to short dialogues with the aids of pictures
  • Adjust your difficulty level
  • Take specially packaged courses if you’re an intermediate or expert
  • Learn important grammatical points with handy pop-ups 
  • Download lessons for offline study
  • Get reminders that stop you from missing your daily session

Learn a new language superfast when you download the app.

Best free calling apps

Always forgetting to call home? Need an app that will give you the cheapest call rates? We have a few options that can help you to stick to your yearly promise.

Here are our suggestions:

Vectone Xtra

If you want cheaper national and international rates to loved ones, this app is for you. It can keep you connected all over the world at the lowest rates, and help you keep your resolution. When you download this app you can:

  • Enjoy the cheapest national and international call rates around
  • Roam for free
  • Get clear and high quality audio
  • Make credit transfers to loved ones
  • Manage your account with ease
  • Get free app to app calls.

Download it now to keep your resolution.

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Delight Calling

This new app offers another way to make cheap calls to loved ones all over the world, without barriers. Call your friends and family for less this year. When you download the app, you’ll be able to:

  • Make low cost international calls
  • Get £1 free credit
  • Enjoy high quality calls
  • Use your own number.

Download the app now to enjoy low cost international calls.


Sticking to a goal can be a gruelling process, but we hope that our list gives you a comprehensive guide to keeping on top of your goals and resolutions. Make 2018 the year you achieve everything.