iPhone X: Cost, Features and Design

What’s in store?

The new iPhone X, the most expensive Apple iPhone to date, has landed.

The sleek new model was announced months ago as the most cutting edge iPhone ever made. With a cost of up to £1,149, many critics said it would be too expensive for Apple’s customers.

Despite its cost, people queued for up to a week to get their hands on the iPhone X. It’s not hard to see why, considering its brand new features and lucrative new technology.

iPhone X Features and Design

So, what sets the iPhone X apart and justifies the increased price and excitement?

Corner to corner screen

The new iPhone X is the biggest overhaul to the iPhone design since it was first launched ten years ago. One of the most noticeable new features is the beautiful corner to corner screen.

The new screen is 5.8 inches long, which is larger than even the 5.5 inch Plus phones that have been released. The iPhone X, even with its larger screen, has managed to be a smaller handheld than the Plus, thanks to the new corner to corner design. 

The borders on the old iPhone have been removed, leaving a sleek look around the edge which gives the impression of the display fading into the background.

Super Retina screen

The new screen itself is something Apple are calling Super Retina, and which other manufacturers know as OLED. 

This is the first time the iPhone has introduced this technology, and it creates a superb screen that lets the iPhone X support standards like HDR. All in all, this will allow it to take full advantage of Netflix and other streaming platforms.

iPhone X Facial Recognition System

The new screen, however, leaves no room for a home button, or a fingerprint scanner. Instead there’s a new way to unlock the phone: using Apple’s “Face ID” facial recognition system. 

The facial recognition technology itself is made of a collection of sensors called the TrueDepth camera. This allows for new possibilities for the front-facing camera and augmented technology which hasn’t previously been possible.

As well as its most basic feature of ID, the iPhone X’s facial recognition also serves other purposes, too. When you get a notification and it shows up on the screen, you can choose to have its contents hidden unless you look at it, which will then reveal the content.

This is an entirely new feature that is a great choice if you like to stop prying eyes.

A demonstration of the feature can be watched below, by USA Today:

The iPhone X Camera

What customers will be really interested to know about is the new iPhone X camera. 

In simple terms, it’s largely the same as the camera on the iPhone 8, and it has the same dual camera system as the iPhone 8 Plus, which allows for the background blurring of Portrait mode, as well as a far better optimal zoom.

The big difference for the iPhone X’s camera is that the second telephoto lens has optical image stabilization and a better aperture than the iPhone 8. 

What does this mean? Basically, long-range shots should have much less blur and let more light in. 

On the front camera, though, the TrueDepth system adds Portrait mode to selfies, which many users will find attractive.

iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

The iPhone X is superior to all previous iPhone models out there, including the recently released iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

But it is worth noting that certain features remain the same and have been transferred onto the new model, albeit with slight upgrades.

  • These features include:
  • Water and dust resistance
  • Glass body
  • A11 bionic processor
  • Inductive wireless charging
  • iOS 11

If you’re eager for a duel between the iPhone models, then you can watch the comparison video of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus below:

iPhone X Reviews

Wired, a popular stop for technology reviews, says ‘[the Animoji technology] is seemingly frivolous, [but] actually draws on some of the most technologically sophisticated advances of the iPhone X…’ 

Similarly, TechRadar, like many reviewers, are impressed with the screen, saying ‘it’s hard to overstate how beautiful the screen is’, and going on to compare it to the same quality as the incredibly popular Samsung models.

Some critics are even calling the iPhone X ‘Apple’s best smartphone camera to date’.

For a more comprehensive critique, you can watch the amazing review by Trusted Reviews below:

iPhone X Cost

There are two versions of the iPhone X, each with their own cost:

  • 64GB version = £999
  • 256GB version = £1,149.

iPhone X Release Date

The iPhone X is available NOW.

Be aware that there are rumours of stock shortages and a three to four weeks waiting list for shipping.


Overall, the iPhone X might be the most expensive iPhone ever, but with a whole host of new technology included, and a much sleeker feel and far better screen, many will feel that the price is justified.

See what we said about the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus here.