Managing Your Vectone Mobile Voicemail

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a feature which allows the people who call you to leave you a voice message if you aren’t able to take their call. Although the system operates very similarly to one of the old-style answering machines, now the messages from your loved ones or business associates can be stored on your service provider’s server, in a space reserved for you, instead of directly to your phone. Essentially, you can think of your voicemail a bit like your email, except that these messages are stored as voice, not text.

Why Do I Need Voicemail?

The easiest way to know whether or not you need voicemail is to ask yourself one question: are you always able to answer your phone when it rings? The answer, of course, is that none of us can always guarantee we’ll answer our phones 100% of the time. Your phone could have run out of battery, you might be in a different room, or you might simply be too busy to talk when a phone call comes through. That’s where voicemail comes in.

When you’re too busy to talk, after a certain number of rings has elapsed, your callers will hear a message telling them you can’t take their call right now, and they’ll be invited to record a message to you, so you never have to miss a thing. Once they’ve left you a message, you’ll be able to retrieve it, and listen to it at your leisure for anywhere up to 30 days.

Optional Extras for Voicemail

Over the least few years, voicemail has evolved to do far more than the old answering machines ever could. Because of this, some providers will offer extra features with their voicemail too, which are particularly useful if you run a business or if you have a particularly busy social or work calendar. These could include:

  • Receiving voicemail messages from many callers at the same time.
  • Forwarding voicemail messages to other people's mailboxes.
  • Adding a voice introduction to the message(s) you forward.
  • Storing voice messages for a long period of time.
  • And much, much more!

Is Voicemail included in my price plan?

vectone mobile voice mail activation deactivation

The simple answer is that not all providers will include voicemail services as part of their standard tariffs. Very few providers will include the basic service in the price, and some will charge you extra for using voicemail. This is something you should always be aware of when using the service, but if you’re busy and want to stay connected at all times, then paying a little extra to follow-up with colleagues and loved ones is a necessary expense, and you shouldn’t go without. 

How do I activate my Vectone Mobile voicemail?

Now that you understand how voicemail works, you’ll want to activate this service on your Vectone Mobile SIM. But don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy – setting up voicemail with Vectone Mobile is easy! Simply enter *134# and press the call key. You’ll immediately receive a confirmation message direct to your mobile phone.

What if I want to Listen to my Voicemail?

To listen to your voicemail, simply dial 131 from your Vectone Mobile, but please note, that retrieving your voicemail messages will be charged at a rate of 10p/min.

How do I deactivate my voicemail?

If, for any reason, you want to deactivate your voicemail, you’ll be pleased to know it takes less than a minute to complete! Simply dial *135# on your handset and then press the call button. As soon as you’ve pressed the call button, you’ll receive a message to confirm that your voicemail service has been deactivated. 

For more help and advice on operating your voicemail, or if you want to explore which Vectone Mobile plan is right for you, call Customer Services on 020 7179 0134 or 322 (free from Vectone Mobile numbers). 

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