Vectone Xtra is the first app of its kind — designed to keep you ‘always connected’.
With free in-app calls and cheap calls worldwide with just one tap, it takes you into the world of endless connectivity with your loved ones.

As long as you are connected to your nearest Wi-Fi, Vectone Xtra ensures that you can make calls to any contact on your phone, even if they are not Vectone Xtra users.

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Free Xtra number, one phone

An extra number is great for keeping work and pleasure apart. Keep your personal number private, and use an extra number for selling goods online, finding tenants or whatever you want!

Cheap national & international rates for everyone

Use Vectone Xtra and get unbeatable call rates that our customers love. No need to change networks — just add calling credit and enjoy low-cost calls to those who matter, wherever they are.

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Roam for free

Travelling abroad? Vectone Xtra lets you avoid roaming fees altogether. Spend your money on your holiday and say goodbye to shocking phone bills!

Free calls and texts

Calls and texts cost nothing between Vectone Xtra users. Get your loved ones to download the app, connect to Wi-Fi, and talk as long as you want.

Landline on the move

No BT line needed! Sign up to a landline on your mobile and enjoy local rates for incoming and outgoing calls. It's also great for doing business on the go.

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