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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Vectone Xtra. If your query isn’t listed, call Customer Service and we’ll be happy to help.

What is Vectone Xtra?

With Vectone Xtra you can send messages and make audio & video calls to other Vectone Xtra users for free. Make local and international calls to non-app users with low rates. Vectone Xtra gives you a free number, cheap call rates and free roaming — so you stay connected, even without signal.  

Do I need to be a Vectone Mobile customer to use the app?

No. But you get more benefits if you’re a Vectone Mobile customer. Learn more about Vectone Mobile on our website

Does it cost anything to use Vectone Xtra?

It’s free to download from Google Play and App Store. Calls cost nothing between Vectone Xtra users. 

Can I use Vectone Xtra to call the emergency services on 112?

Emergency calls are not supported on Vectone Xtra.

What can I do with Vectone Xtra?

Below is a list of key Vectone Xtra features.
  • Get a free number – It’s like two phones in one
  • Make cheap international calls – Enjoy cheap calls worldwide to mobiles and landlines, using Vectone Xtra low rates
  • Enjoy free roaming – Simply connect to Wi-Fi. You can also divert calls to your Vectone Xtra number to avoid roaming charges
  • Get enhanced coverage – Stay connected even without a network signal. Just use Wi-Fi
  • Make free calls – Vectone Xtra users can call and message each other for free
  • Enjoy landline on mobile – Get a landline number on your mobile, so clients and family can get hold of you anywhere

How do I get started with Vectone Xtra?

Vectone Xtra is free to download and easy to use. Just follow these simple steps:
  • Download Vectone Xtra from Google Play or the App Store
  • Enter your phone number
  • You’ll get a PIN via text messages
  • Enter your PIN in the app
  • Your free Vectone Xtra number will appear
  • You’ll need to allow Vectone Xtra to sync your contacts, which will be available under “All” and “Vectone Xtra”
  • Top up to call non-app users (calls are free for app-to-app users)
  • You’re ready to make calls, send messages and purchase additional numbers!

What does my PIN do?

Your PIN ensures you’re the owner of the mobile number and prevents your number from being misused.

How can I choose which number to display as my Caller ID?

Your mobile number is automatically selected as your Caller ID.
To change it to Vectone Xtra:
  • Go to 'My Account'
  • Select the top-right 'Settings' icon and then ‘Caller ID’
  • Enable Vectone Xtra number as your Caller ID for all or individual contacts

How much does it cost to make calls while using Vectone Xtra abroad?

It's free — if you’re connected to Wi-Fi. But if you leave mobile data enabled while abroad, you’ll pay the roaming charges of your mobile network provider.

* When you use Vectone Xtra using mobile data you may be charged by your mobile network provider

Can I get Vectone Xtra on multiple devices?

Yes.  You can use Vectone Xtra on multiple Android and iOS devices.

How can I top up?

You can top up by using vouchers, credit/debit cards and in-app purchases.

Where can I buy top-up vouchers?

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How can I check calling rates?

Go to the 'Accounts' tab and choose Calling Rates. Then, search for the country you’d like to call for the cost per minute.