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Starter Pack Tariff

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Starter Pack tariffs. If your query isn’t listed, call Customer Service and we’ll be happy to help.


What is a Starter Pack?

The Starter Pack includes your Vectone Mobile SIM card and information to help you get started. Your SIM card Starter Pack may or may not have pre-loaded credit, depending on your order. 

What is a Starter Pack tariff?

Starter Pack tariffs are the rates which are charged on your Starter Pack until your first top-up is credited to your Vectone Mobile SIM card. Once your top-up is credited, the Standard Tariff will apply on the entire remaining credit. To view Starter Pack tariff rates, Click Here.

How much credit is pre-loaded on Starter Packs?

If your Starter Pack has pre-loaded credit, it should be clearly marked. If your Starter Pack does not specify a credit amount, then it's most likely that it does not contain any pre-loaded credit.
To check the pre-loaded credit, put the new Vectone Mobile SIM into your mobile and dial *102#, followed by the dial button.

I received a new Vectone Mobile Starter Pack. What tariff am I on?

You will be on our Starter Pack tariff until you make your first top up. If your Starter Pack has no pre-loaded credit, don't worry. From the moment you top up, your tariff will automatically switch to our Regular/Standard tariff. However, if you have purchased a Starter Pack with pre-loaded credit, we recommend you top up your SIM card right away to switch to the Standard tariff.

What will happen to my Starter Pack credit when I top up?

You will not lose any credit. Standard tariff will apply to all your credit (unused credit and new top-up credit).