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Ever wanted to take out a new phone number without having to buy a new handset or SIM? Maybe you need to keep your business and personal calls separate. Or, you could just be looking for that little bit of extra privacy with an additional line. With Vectone Xtra, you can add an additional number to your existing phone for absolutely free - and it' s all thanks to our brilliant app

How It Works

We use your data connection so that you can use your second number to call and text phones all over the world at cut rates - even for free in many cases! Wi-Fi calling is the future of connectivity. Why not get ahead of the game and choose your second free number today?

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Reasons to Download Vectone Xtra

Ok - so you' re interested in adding a second phone number to your mobile. But what other benefits could the Vectone Xtra app bring to your daily life?
icon_features It Offers You Privacy

Grab a second number for private calls, or to replace the need for a burner phone.

Use your second number to filter out the calls that matter to you - advertise this new number to the world and keep your existing line private!

icon_features It' s Easy to Use

Don' t worry! You won' t lose access to your existing number. You' ll simply be able to use your new number alongside it through our free app.

Use your new line the same way you' d use your existing service - just download our app through iOS App Store or Google Play store to get started.

icon_features It' ll Save You Money

Who doesn' t like saving money? The app is free to download, and there' s no contract in place. Use your new number as much or as little as you' d like.

Pay low rates for international calling thanks to the power of data call technology.

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icon_features It' s Great for Business

Running a small business, or working from home? Need a separate line to filter out your work calls? No problem.

Create a new number that you can share with clients and advertise online. Separate your private calls from your personal calls with ease.

icon_features Going Abroad? You' re Covered

For those who use phones abroad, Vectone Xtra offers incredible functionality. You' re connected to a phone line wherever there' s data!

You' ll never use up call allowances through our iOS app. Providing you' re connected through 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi, you' ll have access to free or affordable rates worldwide.

UK numbers are always absolutely free to call or text - from anywhere! Call home from abroad at no cost.