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What is SIM Swap?

SIM Swap allows you to transfer your Vectone Mobile phone number to a brand new SIM card including existing bundles and credit.

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What do I need to do before I begin?

Before you begin, you'll need a New or unused Vectone Mobile SIM card. If you don't have a SIM card, you can get a new one from:

How does SIM Swap work?

SIM Swap is the process of replacing your existing SIM with a new SIM and moving your existing number, allowances etc. to a new SIM.

To perform a SIM Swap:

  • Back-up any contacts, texts and other data saved on your current SIM to your phone memory or PC, as this cannot be transferred through SIM Swap.
  • Login to “My Vectone” and go to the SIM Swap section of your account and follow instructions.

Once the SIM Swap is complete your phone number, bundles and credit will show at the end.

Additional Information

  • Once started, SIM Swap is non-reversible and your old SIM will be deactivated and rendered useless. If you did not back up your contact details from the old SIM it will be impossible to retrieve them after SIM Swap.
  • SIM Swap does not change your mobile number.
  • SIMs used in SIM Swap do not qualify for, and will not generate any bonuses
  • SIM Swap replaces your existing SIM with the new one. Once completed the new SIM will have your phone number and any existing credit, bundles on it. All account information will remain the same.
  • You can perform a SIM Swap even if you don't have any data allowance or credit available.